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Good Day Sir

Something pretty interesting happened to me yesterday. I started getting emails and texts about the death of Gene Wilder, like he was a family member. It started out kind of funny, but it was actually pretty sincere. A couple of pats on the back. A few people asked if I was OK. It’s true, and I gather pretty obvious, that… Read More
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A Stand-Out Year

Many thanks to the editorial team at Advertising Age for recognizing Mullen as one of 10 Stand-Out Agencies in 2011. The big, much discussed and debated Ad Age A-List issue came out yesterday, and in the write-up on Mullen they said: My, has Mullen come a long way. What was once merely a reliable regional… Read More
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Brandbowl is back with new features

This post originally appeared on Creativity_Unbound. It’s that time of year again. The online Superbowl party that Mullen started three years ago to celebrate the age of Twitter is well into development. If you remember, we began our annual project when there weren’t very many ad types on Twitter. In 2009, most of the industry was… Read More
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Forget New Hampshire… Who will win at CES?

With the Iowa caucus behind them, the Republican candidates are vying for a win in New Hampshire. CNN will once again have John King and the wonderfully bearded Wolf Blitzer analyze Twitter chatter to understand how the public feels about the candidates, using tweets from the masses as a crystal ball to predict the outcome.… Read More
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Let it snowify.me

On this Friday before Christmas, it gives us great joy to announce that the Mullen Digital Holiday Card got picked as the #3 Best Agency Card of the Season by Adweek/AdFreak. We finished behind only the brilliant Droga5 “Press Release” stunt and a Louisville, Colorado (?) digital shop called Voltage which did this wacky beatbox… Read More
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Calling all pretty faces

We have two new spots out for Google to support the Galaxy Nexus smartphone. These broke just as the Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich”-powered device from Samsung arrived in Verizon stores in the U.S.  The two spots put a human touch on some really cool features – “Face Unlock” face recognition unlocking technology and  the… Read More