MassMutual – Kids Take Charge

This summer, MassMutual challenged Mullen to develop a program to address the declining rate of life insurance ownership in America, break down barriers that prevent people from buying plans and debunk the myths about the subject. Mullen’s response: Kids Take Charge„ . Launched this week, Kids Take Charge„  seeks to educate consumers through a series of… Read More
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Social media fatigue and the challenge for brands

You finally have Facebook working. You’re interacting on Twitter. You’ve got company blogs.  And your social media staff or your agency has set you up with dashboards, a conversation strategy and analytics to measure everything from engagement, traffic and word-of-mouth. But now there’s Instagram. Brands like Burberry and Olympus (a Mullen client) are getting more… Read More

New work for FAGE is nothing short of “plain extraordinary”

Today, we break our inaugural work for FAGE Total Greek Yogurt on national television. The mouthwatering 45-second commercial titled “Plain,” takes us on a poetic journey from “plainly plain” to “plain extraordinary”— the latter of which will become the brand’s new positioning line to reflect the delicious properties of the product itself. Through a seamless… Read More

R2: A space traveler and Twitter enthusiast

On July 20, 1969, the U.S. put the first humans on the moon, which happens to be exactly 15 years prior to my birthday. And, while I share my birthday with such a landmark day, I’ve never really cared too much about aeronautics, space travel or robotics. And, I don’t think I’m alone in this… Read More
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Facebook changes the game

At the F8 Developer Conference this week, Facebook didn’t just announce a few updates, they shared how their forward-thinking vision has come to life and forever changed the way people will share and become aware of information on the web. In essence it’s all about connections. Facebook started this movement when they introduced the “like”… Read More
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Mirror marketing

Shakespeare wrote that the purpose of art is to “hold the mirror up to nature.” In the Bard’s plays we see on stage a reflection of ourselves, and that’s how he created timeless art. I’ve been struggling to find the right metaphor to explain the art of social media marketing to clients, colleagues, even my… Read More

Blogging in the Alleghenies – a social media adventure

Navigating the ever-changing waters of social media marketing is becoming more challenging by the day. Apple recently announced the 100,000th app for the iPhone. A study from the Association of National Advertisers revealed that two thirds of marketers have now used social media in some capacity. Some brands have even chosen to market exclusively through… Read More
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