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10 Best Super Bowl Spots of the Modern Era – Fast Company

January 27, 2012 David Swaebe

Here’s a new way of looking at the greatest Super Bowl commercials. Fast Company Co-Create editor Teressa Iezzi put together a list of the 10 Best Super Bowl Spots of the Modern Era. It’s basically focused on the dot-com period and beyond with one major exception – the way ahead-of-its time Apple 1984 spot. The “modern-era” parameter means that oldies but goodies like Mean Joe Greene for Coke and Joe Namath for Noxema don’t qualify.

Luckily for Mullen, the 1999 Monster.com spot When I Grow Up is still in the mix. Thanks Teressa and Fast Co. for recognizing this gem from Mullen’s past.

We’re hoping that some enterprising reporter will track down the kids who were cast in this spot and see how their careers are going.  Hopefully they’re all gainfully employed in inspiring jobs with dynamic companies or at least doing something to save the world.