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3 reasons why mobile doesn’t matter

October 6, 2010 Katie Tammaro

Hyperbole is a useful tactic in this attention-starved miasma we call the Web. We face a world of fence-sitting readers who have no interest in moving unless yanked by a strong statement. You’re standing up now. You’re ready to toss horrid monikers in my general direction such that even a young child would grimace. Nincompoop? Stupidface? Let’s try to be polite.

Given that mobile shopping is the media injectable du jour, your ability to stay knowledgeable, focused, and results-driven is key to making sure your mobile efforts matter. Abandon the following thoughts wholesale and it’s quite possible that anything you do in mobile won’t matter.

1. Everywhere isn’t everything.

Size matters. You know this. You can giggle about your insecurity later. For now, it’s important to recognize that just because you’ve got a cool e-commerce site, shrinking that same site to mobile size doesn’t make you better. Sacrificing usability on the altar of everywhere will only serve to complicate your tracking efforts and muddy the waters of your ROI conversation.

2. Success isn’t just about accessibility.

Hi there! Aren’t you just sick of all the time you waste on mundane tasks when you could be shopping? Lament no more! Download this app right now and shop on your phone while waiting in line for coffee! Shop while driving your car! Shop while doing family-friendly activities around the clock!

I’m kidding.

Making a brilliant concept discoverable, no matter if it’s a product, service or campaign, is an objective you can trace through every integrated campaign your partially-blind uncle has ever told you about. The unsavvy relative mention, if you weren’t already aware, is a success metric second only to hip hop brand references. Myspace and Facebook appear in songs but we’ve yet to hear T-Pain belt out, “I keep checking in because I want to be your mayor, baby.” Why? Because Foursquare isn’t truly mainstream yet.

Stay with me, fence sitter, it’s nearly time to leave an outrageous comment!

3. Context matters more than ever.

Put your consumer pants on for a moment and think about the idea of context as it applies to a mobile device. What is the context for your cell phone? Is it not an ever-shifting description of trees, faces, quiet moments waiting, and rushed glances thrown in passing? That cool UX you put together on three 20-inch displays depended on a context that only included a cup of coffee, a painting or two, and a paper-tearing cat named Wanaka.

If you want to do mobile, you’ve got to get mobile. You’re not creepily staring over my shoulder from your hiding spot in my office closet now. You’re walking with me. You’re living with me. Might as well stop trying to interrupt me and figure out which parts of your campaign I’d be happy to take along for the ride, eh?

Your turn. Pontificate or celebrate. I’m glad for your thoughts!

Melting Phone via CC by Allesandro Pinna