A conversation between the right and the left – two Timberland PRO Endurance work boots talk about their new campaign

October 15, 2009 MullenLowe

Left Boot: Glad you could sit down with me and talk about the new Timberland PRO Advertising campaign.

Right Boot: No problem, just trying to help people stay on their feet.

LB: So you seem to be working a lot in this campaign. Where did you get the inspiration?

RB: An early cinema memory put me on the road I’ve taken. Also, other videos came from some of my pet peeves.  For instance, I can’t stand flies!  Have you ever seen them up close? It’s like fifty billion eyes staring at you.

So when you have a steel toe you can endure a lot to make sure the flies don’t bother you any more:

RB: I saw one of my favorite movies is being brought out on Blue Ray. Always loved it that the crew was seen doing their thing in the movie. Big props to the roadie behind the scenes around the third verse.

LB: You decided to use the mobile phone as an important tool to actually help workers get back on their feet and find jobs. How did that come about?

RB: We wanted to create a tool (finding a job) to get you to Stay On Your Feet to promote the tool (our boot) that helps you Stay On Your Feet. Well, this was about the best use of a cell phone I’d seen in a long time.

We were hoping we could do better.

LB: So a couple of random questions. Favorite musician?

RB: Easy.

LB: Oh, you can have Bootsy, but in my opinion when we talk about this campaign it reminds me of the ‘Only Band That Matters.’

LB: Favorite trend in woman’s foot wear today?

RB: Has to be these monsters! I thought our feet had it tough all day.

LB: Earliest shoe memory?

RB: Watching this from my crib.

LB: What’s your dream building to build?

RB: Easy. Something half as cool as this.