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Adweek’s Creative 100: Blake Winfree

June 10, 2018 MullenLowe

29 Rising Agency Stars Who Are Keeping Advertising Relevant, Fresh and Fascinating

Blake Winfree: VP and Creative Director, MullenLowe

“Baby, sometimes it’s better to be misunderstood.”

That was advice Blake Winfree’s grandmother gave him when he was a teenager, and it’s stuck with him as he’s risen through advertising’s ranks without surrendering his conscience or his openness to new ideas, no matter where they come from.

“I’ve never had a go-to source of inspiration,” says the Boston-based creative, who got his start at Fallon in Minneapolis. “I try as best I can to live with my eyes open, and every once in a while, by happenstance, I stumble across things that make me feel something—that leave an impression on me, and that’s dope. It could be an old record, a book, an old drunk with a colorful past who can tell great lies, a stranger. I don’t know, I’m attracted to humanity and authenticity and all its various permutations.”

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