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Media Plan of the Year: JetBlue Celebrity Baggage

I’m proud to announce that mediahub from Mullen and JetBlue this week won the coveted Adweek Media Plan of the Year Award.  We won it in the “Alternative Media” category for a program called “Celebrity Baggage.”  It ran in the strategically important Los Angeles market and used multiple tools in Mullen’s hyperbundled arsenal – PR/Social,… Read More

Creative Media Awards – Olympus wins

Olympus and mediahub from Mullen won top prize for Best Use of New/Emerging/Experimental Media at the MediaPost Creative Media Awards in NYC last night. We won for the Look what you can do campaign which included augmented reality product demos (see video below), iPad advertising in Wired’s first app and a heavy dose of social… Read More
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Is your media research keeping up with today’s galloping consumer?

In an era of constant change, understanding the consumer’s relationship with media is just as important as understanding their relationship with the category and understanding their relationship with the brand. As a result, we’ve created Nexus, a proprietary media insight tool that unlocks the answers to today’s  “burning” media behavioral questions to which traditional and… Read More
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Are you up to speed on mobile?

With the surfeit of mobile news over the past two weeks it seemed appropriate to write a quick piece on some of the key dynamics that continue to propel this platform to the forefront of the marketing psyche. The perfect way to illuminate the importance of this new medium was when Apple passed Microsoft a… Read More
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Are you a Transformer?

I spent the majority of last week in San Francisco at the annual 4A’s leadership conference dubbed Transformation2010. As a self-styled transformative thinker, I was questioning the value or if the 3,000 mile journey would be time well spent. I’m pleased to report that it was beneficial and I wholeheartedly agree with Tom Carroll (CEO… Read More
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A look back at Barcelona

Without the typical fanfare of years past, the Mobile World Congress took place last week in Barcelona, Spain and for once Apple and Android did not dominate the news. Instead, it was Microsoft and Nokia, two well known companies that have lost their way and momentum in the critically important smartphone wars. Let’s start with… Read More
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Social is everywhere and nowhere

I was asked to sit on a social media panel last week and each of the three panelists had to provide a five to eight minute opening before the moderator and audience started to ask questions. As I began to ponder my discourse, I thought about the daunting task of how to say something original… Read More
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Are you creating two-way communication?

In an incredibly short amount of time, the phrase “dialogue vs. monologue” has become trite. However, we all know that certain nomenclature becomes cliché because it is true. So yes, as much as I abhor this phrase, I do believe in creating dialogue and two emerging technologies we’re keeping a close eye on are AR… Read More
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Is mobile right for your brand?

Determining whether mobile is right for your brand is a critical question, as many marketers have fallen into the trap of “get me one of these.” The answer to  is often poorly articulated and overly complicated. So here it is, a simple answer to a simple question. Three Key Steps: 1.     Determine how much… Read More
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