A brand new sandbox

Look it’s a shiny new toy, make that sandbox, from Google. The tech giant has just launched the Google Creative Sandbox, a showcase of “marketing campaigns that blend creative genius with digital innovation.” The first launch includes work from a number of world-class brands, including Pepsi, Axe, Chevy, Dove, IKEA, American Express and Uniqlo. And… Read More
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Curious new spot for Google’s Nexus 7

Mullen’s latest work for the Google Nexus 7 tablet hit the airwaves today and takes viewers on a fantastic journey into space through the eyes of an adorable young girl. The spot has been well received winning Adweek Ad of the Day and Top 10 Commercial of the Week recognition, a Mashable advertising commentary and… Read More

adidas “light show” welcomes RGIII to D.C.

Beautiful “light show” at the Newseum last night to welcome RGIII to D.C. It’s a big weekend for the #2 pick in the NFL draft as he goes head-to-head with the Colts and #1 pick Andrew Luck. Thousands of adidas fans got their names in lights alongside images of RGIII by going into a custom… Read More

Call Someone Who Cares

Our friends/clients at U.S. Cellular are posting some pretty hilarious videos in response to consumer complaints on Twitter about other wireless carriers. They’re asking people to, quite seriously, “Call Someone Who Cares.” See how we made it happen in the case study video below and see all of the Call Someone Who Cares videos themselves… Read More
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JetBlue asks can you “Get Away With It?”

It’s day 2 of Get Away With It, JetBlue’s first of its kind online game show hosted by the hilarious Mark Hammerberg. The shows are airing five times a day (10am, 12pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm) every day this week. Mr. Hammerberg and his trusty sidekick Hailey are in a custom built studio in NYC, while… Read More
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Crazy Light Show at the Boston Garden

Great game at the TD Boston Garden Friday night ’cause the Celtics won. Even better light show outside on the Causeway Street side of the building that we put on in partnership with adidas. It’s our first project for these guys and it’s to launch their new line of adizero shoes, including the Crazy Light… Read More