Big Ideas from tiny details

June 2, 2009 MullenLowe

Next time you see a brand’s marketing, ask yourself “Does it ring true?” When marketing is at its best, the brand and the advertising behave as one, and client and agency are perfectly aligned in making it happen. The brand itself should set this harmony in motion: the campaign amplifies what’s already there.


With our global brand campaign for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, the brand experience is truly all about the little nuances and details. From intuitive unparalleled service, to where a guest walks or sits by a pool,even all the way down to the type of knob found on a drawer in a suite, every detail has been painstakingly labored over for the guest’s enjoyment.


The Four Seasons brand campaign inherently needed to reflect all the visceral cues that resonate so deeply with the discerning Four Seasons guest. We developed a campaign where guests are shown enjoying rare moments in extraordinary settings. Everything you see in a photograph in the campaign has been carefully orchestrated. Every detail, every nuance thought about: the trick being in not suffocating the emotion. At the end of the day, all the details are there in the first place so the guests have an emotional experience, and so it goes with the ads — we are always striving to find just the right balance between place and experience. Even the layout itself is reduced to the fewest amount of moving parts allowing the photography, e.g., the emotions and cues to come to the forefront with nothing to disrupt or distract from the brand experience.