Black and gold strike gold at Hatch Awards

October 7, 2009 David Swaebe

Big night for Mullen and the Boston Bruins at the 49th Annual Hatch Awards for Creative Excellence. The Bruins Hockey Rules campaign won gold for national television. The individual spot called Date also won gold in the category.

Congratulations to the team of Greg Almeida, Jesse Blatz, Jamie Ferreira, Matt Fischvogt, Zeke Bowman, Stephen Larkin and Mark Wenneker. Thank you to Darrell Wood, Chris DiPierro, Jen Compton, Amy Latimer and Cam Neely at the Bruins for supporting the work.

BTW, the Bear has made his 2009 season debut.

Mullen also won Hatch Awards last night for Olympus, the Grain Foods Foundation’s Bread Art Project, the New England Aquarium’s sea turtles, Mammals in Motion and Live Blue projects, as well as the Ad Council’s Buzzed Driving campaign. Congrats to everyone who worked on these campaigns. Creativity lives.