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Boozy Reading – Week 13

March 30, 2018 Mediahub

It’s been a wild week and in an effort to reduce workplace stress, Management is offering a $5 Toys-R-Us gift card for information leading to the ID and capture of the individual(s) responsible for moving the box of Darjeeling tea from 8th to 4th position. Please sip responsibly.

Wondering what Facebook’s new stance on 3rd party data means for advertisers? Erica Patrick had you covered just a post ago on the Mediahub Blog! [link]

Looking at stats about mobile device usage and wondering when, if ever, these kids ever get bored? Turns out they get really, really bored. [link]

Worrying about robots replacing your job or clicking on your ads? Perhaps both?  They’re pretty busy doing other things! [link]

Thinking you know how to fold a pretty good paper airplane? I bet it doesn’t look like this one! [link]

Looking for a unique Youtube influencer to sponsor for your next brand campaign? I dare you to propose an idea with this guy. [link]