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Boozy Reading — Week 3

January 19, 2018 Mediahub

Our analytics team says there’s a 97% chance you’re reading this because you either work at MullenLowe Mediahub or would like to in the near future. If you’re in the other 3%, don’t worry. This isn’t the end of your internet multiverse clickventure. Find something that piques your interest below and happy travels! 

Tired of the boss making you do the Tide Pod challenge after cursing on conference calls? Don’t give up just yet. People love a bit of salty language. [article]

Totes over the emojis on the iPhone X and dreaming of that full body motion captured emoji action? Just try to stop watching this prototype in action. [video]

INCOMING! Wondering how hard it must be to accidentally send fake incoming-missile alerts? Turns out it’s not hard at all if the UX is bad enough. [article]

Still confused as to why anybody would watch others play video games? This quick take on how Blizzard made it easier to watch Overwatch might help. [article]

Finding yourself using the term “user experience” without full confidence on what it means? Take a few minutes to click around Laws of UX! [multiple articles]

Bonus: Love him or hate him, Jake Paul is really good at making things people will watch and even the Buzzfeed hype squad cried uncle after viewing his course. [link]