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Boozy Reading – Week 4

January 26, 2018 Mediahub

After a record number of emails expressing concern that Boozy Reading might not continue after the first three issues, management has chosen to continue the series and will persist with the ‘mind blown’ thumbnail in spite of outcries including, “puffery” and, “perhaps overselling the notion of a link roundup.” Please enjoy responsibly. 

Have you ever sat in traffic on the way to work and wished you had a stranger in the back seat? Waze is planning to make that daydream a reality. [site]

Running a malware operation in your free time and looking for pro tips? These hackers communicate in coded comments on Britney Spears’ Instagram feed [article] 

Ever wonder why some people just seem so much more creative than others? Scientists are finally starting to figure it out! [research] 

Interested in where somebody who makes big bets on emerging tech thinks we’re headed in the next 10 years? Benedict Evans has a cold and some thoughts for you. [video] 

Feeling tired of all the hustle swag and memes about how you just have to stay on that grind? Then here’s something just for you about the value of patience and focus. [article] 

We know why you’re so salty. But why is the ocean? Answers abound. [article]