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Chrysler wins BrandBowl2011- best advertiser on the Super Bowl telecast according to Twitter users

February 7, 2011 David Swaebe

According to the 300,000+ tweets monitored by BrandBowl2011, Chrysler was the most effective brand to advertise on the Super Bowl telecast on the FOX Network this year. was the least effective Super Bowl advertiser, according to the results (which were compiled immediately upon the game’s conclusion).


Chrysler won with a powerful two-minute long spot starring the pop star Eminem cast in an ode to his native Detroit. The spot appeared during the third quarter of a closely contested game between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Mullen, a Boston-based advertising and social media agency, Radian6, a leader in social media measurement and engagement, and, teamed up to present BrandBowl2011 a Twitter/Super Bowl experience that used tweets about the ads to inform real-time metrics. It allowed the public to view immediate rankings of the most and least effective brands on the Super Bowl this year.

The Radian6 platform determined the results by pulling in the full data stream from Twitter. The results were measured on not only the volume of conversations, but also the positive/negative sentiment surrounding the conversations. BrandBowl2011 is able to rank the ads using some of the most comprehensive social media metrics available. During the broadcast of Super Bowl XLV, over 250,000 tweets were counted to determine the winners of BrandBowl2011.

“We’ve reached a point where advertising, even the outbound interruptions, is social,” said Edward Boches, chief innovation officer at Mullen. “Consumers want to talk about the ads and marketers are starting to realize that the greatest value of their Super Bowl buy is the conversation that takes place online.”

“Social media lets advertisers see the impact of their ads in real time,” said David Alston, CMO at Radian6. “The top advertisers on the Super Bowl prove how a traditional TV spot can potentially be leveraged on the social web.”



When all was said and done, the top ten brands (a combination of volume and popularity) were:

1. Chrysler

2. Doritos

3. Volkswagen

4. Pepsi Max

5. Best Buy

6. Lipton Brisk

7. Coca-Cola

8. Go Daddy

9. Motorola

10. Chevrolet



The most popular brands (those with the highest number of “positive” tweets) were:

1. Volkswagen

2. Bridgestone

3. Audi


The most talked-about brands (those with the highest number of overall tweets) were:

1. Doritos

2. Chrysler

3. Volkswagen


The Five Least Effective Brands on BrandBowl2011



2. HomeAway

3. Hyundai


5. BMW



Congrats to all the Super Bowl advertisers for putting their money and their careers on the line this year. And congrats to the Green Bay Packers.