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COVID-19 Brand Tools

Here at MullenLowe U.S., we’ve counseled and strategized on behalf of all of our clients to ensure that we are creating relevant and sensitive approaches to marketing during the COVID-19 crisis. We are sharing some of our most useful tools during this time to help others, from consumers to small-business owners to large brands, marketers of all sizes, academic institutions, and even other agencies. Also, watch out for weekly updates of our Social Shifts reports here.

Speedbag MLG

Speedbag: We have launched a public-facing version of our proprietary conversation-analysis tool, Speedbag. The tool provides an unbiased view of the social conversation about COVID-19 as it relates to key sectors (these include alcohol, automotive, construction, finance, grocery, health and wellness, healthcare, the U.S. military, QSR, technology, and travel). We’re adding new categories on an ongoing basis.

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Brand Action Plan Template

We’ve developed a template and guidelines to help guide discussion of the COVID-19 crisis and build messaging strategies that “size down” the marketing challenge into phases. They’ve helped us quickly brief creative teams to think about creative solutions using insights at each phase, or stage, of impact.

We’ve answered these questions: “What should our brand be doing? What shouldn’t we be doing? If we do anything, how do we do it right without being tone-deaf or, maybe worse, opportunistic? What if another brand has already helped out? Once we’re done reacting—cancelled media, preliminary health and safety moves—when and how is it right to be proactive?”

In the event that it’s useful to you, your teams, or your brand/company right now, please feel free to take the template to use as your own.

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