Creativity in Crunch Time at SXSW

February 28, 2018 MullenLowe

A team from MullenLowe’s Winston-Salem office is headed to SXSW this month to host a workshop, “Creativity in Crunch Time.” They will discuss the importance of story and simplicity as well as in-fighting and what to do when you simply run out of time.

As Filmmakers, Content Creators, and Creatives, we’re constantly asked to create more with less. But restriction breeds creativity. This workshop, led by ad agency professionals and filmmaking troupe, The Magic Shop, will use short films and real-world examples to discuss why you should embrace “crunch time.” Participants should also expect the unexpected during a creative exercise sure to challenge left- and right-brains equally. Good, Fast, Cheap: next time, don’t just pick two. Pick all three.

The workshop will focus on these three questions:

  1. Why story is always the most important part?
  2. Does restriction breed creativity or does it create more hurdles?
  3. What do you do when there simply is not enough time?

The four panelists are no strangers to creativity, as part of the Magic Shop team, who found international recognition with their 48 Hour Film Project, “Gotta Go.” The film was one of 15 selected for screening in Cannes in 2016, earning the team a trip to France.

More about the team:

Elizabeth Bragg was born and raised in the city of the arts, and always had a love for all things creative. Elizabeth went on to study communications and marketing in college at Appalachian State University, another strong arts institution. She started her career in marketing at a local furniture company and went on to work at multiple creative advertising agencies in project management, production and account service. Throughout her career, Elizabeth continues to be tied to the arts. She has sung in local choirs, volunteered for arts based organizations, and participated in the Riverrun Film Festival.

Why would someone who grew up in the Nascar capital know short to nothing about Nascar? Because while growing up in Mooresville, North Carolina, Darren Hummel spent his youth running around with the family camcorder making ridiculous videos. Now he is a broadcast producer at MullenLowe where he aids in content creation and broadcast production. Darren enjoys pursuing all aspects of filmmaking, and new challenges that continue to define his style as an actor and storyteller. His passion lies in acting, and dreams of starring in major motion pictures.

 Shannon Rosato is a video editor, content creator, and patriarchy smasher with a propensity for creative surges in the midnight hour. She spends most of her days quickly whipping up engaging content for clients on a dime, and embarks on yearly 48 Hour Film adventures with a rag-tag team of ad nerds. In between those crunch times, she enjoys crunch wraps.


Evan Pease hates writing in the third person but loves video — shooting and editing features and shorts, commercials and content, or just teaching his three-year-old daughter why you always hold an iPhone to shoot in landscape mode. He is also a huge fan of The Magic Shop, Back to the Future, Batman, and all things candy. Evan has been a video editor at Arnold Worldwide, MullenLowe, and Pace Communications but is now the Director of Post-Production at dPost, a Production Company located in his hometown of Buffalo, NY.