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Dangers of Ill Communication

July 9, 2015 admin

Institute of Food Technologists

Communication is a dynamic business to partake in, and I feel extremely lucky that I’m able to work in an environment that allows for creativity but also objectivity. As of late, there’s been a slew of information from authors, stories, blog posts — specifically surrounding health — that’s erroneous and based on beliefs rather than actual science. I’ve written two pieces specifically about the dangers of ill communication. In Food Technology magazine, I explore the origin of communication dissention and how scientists could and should be involved in the discussions. Without them, the science isn’t shared and the void that’s left is picked up by charlatans. As a follow up to my blog post in the ePerspectives blog, I discuss a book authored by a religion professor who proclaims that religion and food beliefs are akin. If you’re following any diet, food or nutrition trend, the book is a good read, one that will make you think, and perhaps even be a little more stringent before trying the next “big thing” in health.