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Doritos Wins Brand Bowl 2012

February 5, 2012 MullenLowe

According to the 400,000 tweets monitored by BrandBowl2012, Doritos was the most effective brand to advertise on the Super Bowl telecast on the NBC Television Network this year. Brand Bowl ranks brands based on volume of chatter and positive/negative commentary on Twitter in reaction to their Super Bowl commercials.

Doritos won with its “Crash the Super Bowl” consumer-generated commercials. One spot featured a dog who bribed a man with Doritos to conceal the whereabouts of the family cat. A second spot featured a grandmother who sling-shots a baby in a swinging seat toward a tree fort to grab a bag of Doritos from a little boy. The second and third place overall finishers were Swedish apparel retailer H&M with a provocative spot starring soccer star David Beckham modeling underwear, and Chrysler, with a powerful message about the American economic recovery.  The Chrysler commercial starred legendary actor/director Clint Eastwood. The spots appeared during a closely contested game between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.


When all was said and done, the top ten brands (a combination of volume and popularity) were:

    1. Doritos (48,811 Tweets) (Sentiment +29%)
    2.  H&M (44,031 Tweets) (Sentiment +14%)
    3. Chrysler (33,943 Tweets) (Sentiment +10%)
    4. Pepsi (39,765 Tweets) (Sentiment +8%)
    5. Chevrolet (36,934 Tweets) (Sentiment +17%)
    6. M&M’s (18,316 Tweets) (Sentiment +41%)
    7. Budweiser (18,916 Tweets) (Sentiment +12%)
    8. VW (17,131 Tweets) (Sentiment +26%)
    9. Coke (18,463 Tweets) (Sentiment +4%)
    10. Bud Light (15,298 Tweets) (Sentiment +18%)


Those with the highest number of “positive” tweets were:

1.      M&M’s (Sentiment +41%)

2.      Best Buy (Sentiment +30%)

3.      Doritos (Sentiment +29%)


Those with the highest number of “negative” tweets were:

  1. Go Daddy (Sentiment -10%)
  2. (Sentiment -2%)
  3. Lexus (Sentiment -1%)


The most talked-about brands (those with the highest number of overall tweets) were:

1.      Doritos  (48,811 Tweets)

2.      H&M (44,031 Tweets)

3.      Pepsi  (39,765 Tweets)



Those with a combination of low volume of chatter and low positive commentary:

  1. Cadillac (Tweets 345) (Sentiment +2%)
  2. Century 21 (Tweets 520) (Sentiment +6%)
  3. Lexus (Tweets 922) (Sentiment -1%)
  4. CareerBuilder (tweets 1001) (Sentiment +5%)
  5. Hulu (Tweets 1191) (Sentiment +10%)

Mullen and, one of the nation’s largest regional news portals, teamed up to present BrandBowl2012, a Twitter/Super Bowl experience that used real-time analytics from SalesForce Radian6 to determine which brands were getting the most and least amount of commentary and which brands were getting the most positive and negative tweets during the telecast. BrandBowl2012 ranked the commercials using some of the most comprehensive social media metrics available to analyze the full Twitter data stream.

This is the fourth year that Mullen has run Brand Bowl and its second year of partnering with to create the online experience where participants could view their tweets and see the dynamic brand rankings during the game. New features this year included:

  • “Head-to-head” statistical breakdowns between brands
  • A “featured tweet” section that highlighted funny and insightful tweets from participants
  • A streamlined Brand Bowl mobile experience so users could more easily see the live rankings and tweet their votes.