Down with Debt

January 17, 2013 MullenLowe

With the national student debt total surpassing $1 trillion, the next generation of graduates is struggling to find jobs, move out of mom’s house and pay back Uncle Sam. Contrary to traditional paths previous generations found after college – saving money, getting married, having kids – these milestones seem to be far-off dreams for the Millennial generation. They are burdened by student debt, and are focused on immediate financial priorities rather than long-term solutions.

Enter MassMutual with a simple ask: how would you reduce your debt in less than 140  characters? It’s called Down with Debt and the best idea will win up to $20,000 to help pay off the winner’s outstanding student loans.

Hosted on MassMutual’s Facebook page, Down with Debt provides financial tips, important information and an archive of submissions that inspire others to take control of their finances.

Have an idea? Share it here and see if your 140 characters are worth $20,000.