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Edward Boches Co-Authors Fifth Edition of Hey Whipple, Squeeze This

February 1, 2016 MullenLowe


Former MullenLowe U.S. CCO and 31-year partner Edward Boches has co-authored the fifth edition of Hey Whipple, Squeeze This: The Classic Guide to Creating Great Ads.

Partnering with original author Luke Sullivan, Boches penned six new chapters and contributed to some of the original text as part of publisher Wiley’s commitment to keep the book up to date in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

“Digital isn’t a medium, it’s a way of life,” kicks off one of the chapters and frames how new technology and consumer behavior have influenced the work that forward thinking agencies create. The new edition, part how-to and part behind the scenes, covers the importance of changing one’s mindset, the strategic brief, and the creative team; strategies and tactics for earning attention; guidelines for how brands and their agencies should leverage social media; the difference between stock and flow content; and how to survive the digital tsunami, assuring you remain “a one, not a zero.”

Of particular interest is Boches’ take on “going viral.”

“We share an idea for two reasons: because it makes us look good to share cool stuff or because we think the person with whom we share could use it or would enjoy it.

Put another way, ‘We tell our friends about your brand not because we like your brand, but because we like our friends.’

So make a note, when someone asks you to come up with a viral video, the first thing to do is say, “No.” Nobody makes viral videos. We make what we hope is great content. We come up with interesting ideas. We tell compelling stories.

Remember that while content may be king (that expression alone has gone more viral than it deserves), it still reports to concept.”

Perhaps that is why there are a number of big shout outs to MullenLowe campaigns for Century 21 and American Greetings, among others.

Well done, Edward. For those of you who would like a copy of the book, you can order here.