EMBARQ: New Economy + New Consumer Target = New Platform

August 2, 2009 Katie Tammaro

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Challenge: Begin with deteriorating economic realities, add telecom price wars and a redefined consumer target (families with kids under 18) and you’ve got the conditions for a smart new messaging platform – one that acknowledges the changing times and target audience.

Solution: Leverage the reasons that families are spending more time at home together—changing lifestyles, life stages and new economic pressures—and demonstrate how EMBARQ fits in.

From morning to night, communication providers play an active role in nearly every activity in the household: Checking the weather online or on TV. Helping kids research a history project. Connecting with family and friends. Planning travel. Watching movies together. So we created a campaign around our new messaging platform, “It’s a big world out there. EMBARQ brings it home,” positioning EMBARQ as the provider who brings the world into your home through the Internet, phone and television. Through engaging imagery, we showed consumers that planning a trip to Easter Island and researching naval history for their child’s project were only a web page away, and family movie night was right in their living room.

We’re thrilled that the “Bring it Home” campaign generated over 1.6 million calls from January–June ’09, while core service (Phone/Internet/DISH) direct mail within the campaign generated 25% close rates for Q1 ’09.


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Embarq: 3 of 3