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March 6, 2015 admin

FoodMullenblogpostFood conferences are like no other event. Not only are you served good food but the topics are lively, informative, and personal since we as humans connect with food. Most recently, Bitten: A Food Conversation enlightened audiences with showcasing new technologies in the food world. Lab grown meats, vertical urban farming and playing with your food were just some of the topics explored and well received with ooohs and aaahhhs. Take a peek and let me know if you’ll be eating tissue engineered meats.

In the same vein of food and day-long dialogues, tomorrow is the 5th Annual TEDxManhattan event in New York City. My previous post announced that Mullen is proudly working with this client and if you’re not one of the lucky ones attending, you can watch all the talks in real-time.

Go ahead, brew yourself a cuppa and learn more about the (food) world around you.