GM Advanced Technologies – From fuel economy to fuel cells

May 28, 2009 MullenLowe

For the past 10 years, Mullen has been working with General Motors to help broaden the public dialogue beyond hybrids and promote GM’s wide range of propulsion technologies, including not just hybrids, but also advanced gasoline engines, alternative fuels like ethanol,  and the holy grail of automotive reinvention – hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that emit nothing but water vapor.  The challenge was to find fresh ways to tell GM’s complicated, rational story in an emotionally-charged environment, and to do it at a time when GM’s enormous financial struggles had the media and people from Wall Street to Main Street wondering about the stability of the world’s largest automaker.

Multi-Pronged Approach:

Showcase GM’s energy diversity strategy that includes a number of powertrains and fuels, which will likely coexist in a diverse global vehicle market.

Increase GM’s share of voice in the hybrid conversation by promoting the world’s first hybrid pickup truck (a Chevrolet Silverado), and the first hybrid bus for mass transit fleets (powered by GM’s hybrid system)

Develop far-reaching campaigns that spotlighted GM’s approach to reducing the dependence on petroleum – improvements in the internal combustion engine (including flex-fuel vehicles), hybrids, electric cars and ultimately fuel cell vehicles.

Public Relations and Creative Strategies:

Working with GM and its allies in industry and government as well as environmental groups, Mullen has executed integrated campaigns involving media, government relations, targeted advertising and creative resources to educate media, consumers, policymakers and influencers about GM’s advanced technology strategies and fuel-saving vehicles.  The following examples highlight Mullen’s work in technology introductions, alternative fuel education, infrastructure education and development, vehicle launches, and government relations.