Grain Foods Foundation: Making bread into art

June 4, 2009 MullenLowe

Grain Foods Foundation: Bread Art Project - 1 of 6

Challenge:Educate moms about bread’s nutrition while supporting people in need

Solution:Turn consumer-generated art into meals for hungry families

How do you get Moms to engage with a message about the nutritional value of sliced bread?  The fact is, we all love to eat it, but we may not necessarily want to read about folic acid or carbohydrates and why they’re so food for us.  At the same time, in this day and age, a brand is defined as much by what it does as by what it says.  So putting one and one together, our Public Relations group came up with Project Bread Art:  a campaign that enabled consumers to join our client the Grain Foods Foundation in contributing to Feeding America, an organization that provides needy Americans with food and meals.  Better yet, from a marketing perspective, The Bread Art Project created a memorable, viral experience in which consumers could create original art, share it, and, oh yes, learn a little about nutrition in the process. In one idea, we’re raising money, educating consumers, creating a community, and making art.  How good is that?