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How social networks are really changing advertising and four steps to succeed

March 2, 2012 MullenLowe

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In the wake of Facebook’s fMC event, the advertising world is understandably abuzz about brand timelines. While brand timelines have tremendous potential and are quickly becoming a table stake for brand perception, the most important announcement was over shadowed.

That’s the fact that most premium advertising on Facebook must now originate from the brand page (what Facebook regards as the brand’s “mission control”). This is a big deal because it speaks to a larger trend that social marketing is enforcing on the marketing world: the need for seamless management of earned, owned and paid media in real time.

In this case, with Facebook we must realize that most of the time, the people who manage brand pages for big companies (such as PR, customer service or social media teams) are not the same people buying ads on Facebook (typically a media agency), who are not the people making the content. When buying some of the most important ads with the number one seller of display advertising, they must closely coordinate their work.

To succeed and, eventually, to simply survive in a world that requires real-time collaboration, you must start by taking these four steps: (continue reading on (follow Sean Corcoran @seancor)