JetBlue Is Selling Kitschy ‘Office Souvenirs’ for Workaholics Who Never Take a Vacation

August 23, 2017 MullenLowe

Among other indignities, people who never take a vacation don’t get to bring home souvenirs from their travels—those cheesy tchotchkes, like mugs, plates and hats, that remind you of your week away in some exotic locale.

JetBlue feels sorry for these people. It would like them, first and foremost, to actually take a vacation (preferably a JetBlue Vacation). But failing that, the carrier has another solution. It’s come up with a line of “Office Souvenirs” merchandise, so workaholics everywhere can take home a cherished piece of their most recent (and constant) destination—the workplace.

The items are available at JetBlue’s online store, and range from snow globes with an office printer inside, to “Remember those free bagels?” commemorative plates, to “Let’s circle back on that” mugs, to Human Resources-scented candles, to beach towels with a blank spreadsheet printed on them.

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