NC Summer Intern 2018


Social Influence




Making copies, busywork, coffee runs — these are some of the things you’ll have absolutely no experience with as part of MullenLowe’s Summer Internship Program. Because you’ll be doing real work. Real, client-paid-for, heading-out-into-the-world-to-catch-attention-and-change-minds work. And you’ll be doing it with some of the most talented people, at one of the biggest-name agencies, in the business.

We are looking for a hungry, passionate and talented Social Media Intern to join our Social team in Winston-Salem. We need someone who can step in, take responsibility, and support our Social team.

Key Qualifications:
- Social Media Savvy. You are on every social platform including the newest one that hasn’t even been launched to the public yet. You can explain how each platform is different from the others. You think about most things in life in cleverly short social-post statements and hashtags, and your friends are very jealous of your Instagram.
- Observant. You rarely look up from your phone, but you still do not miss a beat on anything that happens around you. You have always had a knack for reading people and understanding the context of situations.
- Eager. You are always staying on top of the latest trends and are set up to receive all the social media daily e-blasts. You proactively bring ideas and solutions to the table.
- Creative. You know how to tell a story with words and visuals. You have serious written communication chops and an obsession with grammar perfection. You are a ninja of filters and maybe have even dabbled with Photoshop and minor video editing to get a killer post.
- Self-Motivated. You are confident and have never been one to shy away from a challenge. You keep finding yourself in leadership positions throughout high school and college, and although you work well with teams you never have to wait on someone to tell you what to do.

MullenLowe’s Summer Internship Program is a 10-week paid internship running from June 4 to August 10.


Please answer Question #1 and then answer any two additional questions from the below (#2–#6) in 500 words or fewer. Attach your responses to your resume and upload it as one attachment.

1. (MUST ANSWER): MullenLowe thinks like a challenger: This fundamental belief drives our thinking and should be applied to both our clients’ business and our own. This is best exemplified in our manta of “punching above our weight.” Please explain a way in which you have punched above your weight.

2. What makes you more interesting than your fellow applicants?

3. Describe yourself as a cupcake: What icing, sprinkles, flavor and filling do you have? Explain why.

4. Who had the best Super Bowl commercial and why? (Do not use a ML client.)

5. What is the most interesting thing you’ve read or watched this week?

6. What is a characteristic you possess that you think transcends industry and discipline, and will enable you to succeed in any environment, and why will it do so?

To apply, you must be a member of the college class of 2018 or 2019, or a current graduate school student.

You must be eligible to work in the United States to be considered for this role.

We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against applicants on the basis of race, age, ethnicity, gender, religion, national origin, veteran status or disability.

If you don’t hear from us, please do not reach out to our employees regarding applicant status. We will contact you directly no later than May 1, 2018, if we would like to move forward with your candidacy.
For any questions regarding your application, please reach out to interns@mullenlowe.com.