Killing Jesus

March 27, 2015 MullenLowe

This Sunday night, National Geographic Channel debuts Killing Jesus, a three-hour television event that dives deep inside the historical story of how Jesus’ message and preachings led to his persecution and execution by a group of conspirators who saw him as a threat to their power.

To promote the film, Mullen worked with National Geographic Channel on the Killing Jesus companion site, one of the network’s most ambitious digital undertakings ever.

The Killing Jesus site looks at the story of Jesus Christ through three perspectives, asking: was He the son of God, the son of Man or a threat to Roman rule? Site users can don one of three different crowns to view the story from the different perspectives:

  • “Thorns” – the perspective of Jesus Christ himself and his disciples and followers
  • “Headdress” – representing the Jewish high priests of the time
  • “Laurels” – representing political perspectives, including those of the Roman-appointed Pilate and Herod the Great, whose rule was shaken by religious upheaval

The site organizes Jesus’ life into eight chapters: The Birth, Boy or Messiah, The Prophet, The Tables Turn, Challenges, The Last Supper, Jesus on Trial and The Crucifixion.

Each chapter features hand-drawn illustrations by Bastien Lecouffe Deharme, brought to life through 2.5D parallax responsive Web design. Additional design and technical facts include:

  • The scrollable panoramas were created with 3,080 illustrated images and animated with 14,364 hand-placed keyframes.
  • The site contains a whopping 290,094 lines of code.
  • Audio on Killing Jesus is composed of 184 custom soundfx, music tracks and voiceovers.

A diverse and immensely talented team made this labor of love possible; we hope you’ll check out the site and the movie, too.