La Quinta: If You Have to Wake Up, at Least Wake Up on the Bright Side

June 3, 2009 MullenLowe

Challenge: Refresh La Quinta’s brand positioning to differentiate it from a sea of look-alike competitors.

Solution: By being an antidote to negativity and stress, La Quinta can build an emotional bond with travelers.

Let’s face it: Travel has become pretty stressful these days. Especially for business travelers, who shuffle around the country praying for upgrades and an extra bag of airline pretzels. But there are moments of joy for even the most relentless road warriors, and we knew if we could find them we could forge a connection with these travel-weary souls. We thought the power of optimism could elevate and transform perceptions of La Quinta and help the brand stand out against the competition. So we positioned the hotel chain as the “bright spot” at the end of the traveler’s tunnel.  Softer beds. Brighter colors. Bigger rooms. Comfort and relaxation at the end of a long day. Maybe it’s all the positive thinking, but people seem to be responding. With a 20% increase in brand awareness and traffic to up by double digits, there’s a lot to be optimistic about.

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