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Making love – The Lobstar

December 16, 2010 MullenLowe

Over the past 17 years I’ve made lots of things. Paintings, drawings, websites, book-covers, ad campaigns, logos, identities, lots of stuff that I cared about. My biggest concern has been to make work that I’m proud of and love. But, I think I may have missed one important thing. Do other people love it?

This past year, my family started The Lobstar, a small sideline project that’s become one of the most rewarding artistic outlets I’ve ever been part of. An order coming through during Thanksgiving dinner; a comment like “don’t take this the wrong way but this may be the tackiest thing here, and I love it” at the RISD Sale; a thank you note from a Mainer; the guy at the post office asking for the URL; a phone call saying I want a Lobstar now “can I come pick it up?;” a little girl hugging the Certificate of Authenticity next to The Lobstar; even the sixth email asking if the order has left yet. All of a sudden you start to realize people are loving something.

So, this little pet project that most of my close friends and family are sick of hearing about has and continues to teach me something. Maybe it’s not about making work that only I love, but work that people can love.

Note about the author:  Chris Brady is a creative director at Mullen and a little bit eccentric.