MassMutual – Kids Take Charge

October 21, 2011 Katie Tammaro

This summer, MassMutual challenged Mullen to develop a program to address the declining rate of life insurance ownership in America, break down barriers that prevent people from buying plans and debunk the myths about the subject.

Mullen’s response: Kids Take Charge„ .

Launched this week, Kids Take Charge„  seeks to educate consumers through a series of humorous videos starring kids. Nobody wants to talk about the life insurance process, but the program lightens the tone of the conversation and adds a sense of humor to an important but oftentimes uncomfortable topic.

Housed on the Mass Mutual Facebook page, the videos are a direct and emotional reminder of who life insurance actually protects…the kids. Mixing comical interactions and factual statistics, Kids Take Charge„  is the industry’s first of its kind. The segments include scenes in which kids attempt to buy plans for their parents, evaluate an agent and quiz adults about the topic. By educating consumers, the program will better prepare adults to make key financial decisions that affect them and their families.

Through the use of social media, MassMutual hopes to spark the conversation around the importance, benefits and necessity of life insurance for adults.

Why life insurance? MassMutual and Mullen encourage you to find out.