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Me, Obsessed? It’s Complicated

December 18, 2018 MullenLowe

Obsessed is a weird word. It seems a bit extreme. Who’s really obsessed with anything, other than a crazy person? Yes, there are healthy obsessions, but that just means the rest of them are unhealthy.

I asked my wife what I’m obsessed with and she said, “Making sure all the correct lights are on or off when we leave the house.” Yes, sometimes I’m particular, but obsessed? That seems strong.

Leonardo da Vinci was probably obsessed, and he did all right. LeBron is obsessed. That’s working out for him. I have an Aunt Martha who is obsessed with puzzles, and she’s getting a shout-out in a fancy advertising article.

My 12-year-old self was definitely obsessed with ninjas. I bought nunchucks out of the back of a magazine, took Taekwando for a year and a half, and have you ever seen the movie American Ninja? Obsessed.

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