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Mobile and Video: Keys to Reaching the Millennial Target

July 22, 2014 Mediahub

millennialsEveryone wants to capture Millennials attention, but why? At 77MM strong and with an economic spending power of $1.3 trillion dollars and growing, Millennials will soon take the place of Baby Boomers.[1] Having grown up with more viewing options than previous generations, Millennials are used to getting content on their own terms. The silver lining is that Millennials have shown to be most engaged with mobile and video, self-narrowing their unpredictable media ingestion and allowing marketers to focus on these primary sources as initial engagement points.

Millennials are notorious for bouncing between smartphones, tablets and connected devices. The majority spend 96 hours a month online, with 85% accessing the internet via mobile.[2] With the proliferation of smartphones against this audience, and their increasing engagement year-over-year, it’s projected that by 2018, 75% of all digital spend will be in mobile[3].

In addition to mobile, online video is another area of opportunity. This group is watching approximately 350 online videos per month[4] with TV shows being their most watched content across all screens.[5] However, Millennials aren’t cord-cutting yet. Sixty-two percent watch shows via cable or satellite, further proving this group is device agnostic and unwilling to cut their pay-for-TV subscriptions.[6]  As a result, connected devices as well as traditional platforms should continue to form part of marketing strategies to create a holistic 360 approach, feeding into Millennials’ on-demand behavior.

While Millennials will replace Baby Boomers, their consumption habits will not. Now more than ever, it is critical to lead with a mobile and video strategy to capture this target, and keep up with market trends. Long gone are the days when mobile was a strategic after thought. In order for brands and marketers to effectively make a play against this audience, Millennials and mobile should be treated synonymously and all connected platforms should remain at the forefront of content dissemination, feeding into this target’s insatiable appetite of instant gratification.

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Written by: Christina Birgy and Anna Bohlin