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Mobilizing Mobile – Alabama that is

November 14, 2011 Dustin Johnson

Can an entire city be mobilized? Can one place, given time and resources, convert every business to websites optimized for mobile phones? Over the next 48 hours, we are going to find out. As an extension of our Howtogomo campaign, encouraging businesses to create websites that are mobile-ready, Mullen has created an initiative with Google called “Mobilizing Mobile,” seeking to convert businesses to mobile-friendly sites on a grand scale. This event will happen in the most unlikely of places, the southern port city of Mobile, Alabama. The event began today at 4:00 p.m. at a press conference, followed by an agency event this evening for creative people from around the Gulf Coast (yes, there are some of those here). And starting tomorrow, the business community of Mobile will be able to consult with our team of experts and, in short, 45-minute sessions get bright and shiny new mobile websites.

This production is unlike anything I have done before. In my career, I have placed billions of dollars’ worth of ads for clients and felt little more than the satisfaction of keeping a budget straight; but here, today, we are running radio spots, print ads, banners and straight-up walking into businesses and handing people a website URL that will actually help themĀ — no BS or misdirected strategic frameworks or anything like that. Google is here to help, period. What we are doing is good for them, and if enough people around the country hear about it, it’s good for Google and “” Yeah, it’s marketing and whatever, but we are actually going to help real people and real businesses up close in a place that needs a bit of a pat on the back. So I am not ashamed to admit it: It feels good to work in advertising today. Plus the people in Mobile are so thankful and happy.

So, let’s go! Mobilize Mobile!