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New chiefs @Mullen

November 17, 2010 David Swaebe

A changing of the guard at Mullen today. Mark Wenneker is moving from Executive Creative Director to Chief Creative Officer. Edward Boches, who had been CCO for the past 11 years, is moving into the new role of Chief Innovation Officer.

Here’s a quote from the big chief, our president and CEO Joe Grimaldi, explaining it all:

“This is an acceleration of our endless transformation. Mark has elevated our product, recruited great talent, been a force in new business and fundamentally impacted Mullen’s DNA. He has emerged as the creative leader in our Boston office, and that has liberated Edward to more aggressively pursue digital, our growing social media business and whatever is next. It’s time for us to take these organizational changes up a couple of notches.”

Under Wenneker’s creative stewardship Mullen has  prevailed in both the Zappos and JetBlue reviews and just this week announced it had been named U.S. agency-of-record for fast-growing FAGE Yogurt. In his new role, Wenneker will direct a creative department that unites traditional art and copy with embedded capabilities that include technology, UX, connection planning, social media and mobile.

Mullen is a unique agency, said Wenneker. The capabilities here don’t fall so neatly under the word ‘advertising.’ We have a culture and environment that are working together to redefine what constitutes `creative’ and where `creativity’ can or should come from. To lead that effort is a great opportunity.

In his new role, Boches will think more broadly and aggressively about emerging technologies, social platforms and changing consumer media habits to develop innovative ideas for clients and to influence agency transformation.

In the last two years we’ve taken down any remaining walls between disciplines, said Boches. We’ve invented new ways to include consumers in the process of communication. And we’ve made technology and interactivity fundamental to what we do. I think we all know that the future of advertising is both software and storytelling. My role is to help make sure we’re good at both.

Congrats to both these guys. And these parting thoughts. Edward noted, “This will either be scary or fun. Or both.”  Mark added, “I’d like to thank my dad. He would have loved reading this.”