Call Someone Who Cares

Our friends/clients at U.S. Cellular are posting some pretty hilarious videos in response to consumer complaints on Twitter about other wireless carriers. They’re asking people to, quite seriously, “Call Someone Who Cares.” See how we made it happen in the case study video below and see all of the Call Someone Who Cares videos themselves… Read More
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JetBlue asks can you “Get Away With It?”

It’s day 2 of Get Away With It, JetBlue’s first of its kind online game show hosted by the hilarious Mark Hammerberg. The shows are airing five times a day (10am, 12pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm) every day this week. Mr. Hammerberg and his trusty sidekick Hailey are in a custom built studio in NYC, while… Read More
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Crazy Light Show at the Boston Garden

Great game at the TD Boston Garden Friday night ’cause the Celtics won. Even better light show outside on the Causeway Street side of the building that we put on in partnership with adidas. It’s our first project for these guys and it’s to launch their new line of adizero shoes, including the Crazy Light… Read More
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What’s Your NOOK?

All you Mad Men nuts have probably seen this campaign running for the past few weeks. It’s our latest for Barnes & Noble and the NOOK Tablet. ADWEEK calls the campaign “pleasingly simple” in a recent Ad of the Day feature. Please have a look and let us know, what’s your NOOK? Read More
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iRobot. Do you?

Our first work for iRobot and the incredible Roomba® vacuum cleaner breaks tonight – under the tag-line “iRobot. Do you?” The campaign was designed to celebrate not just the technology, but the unique bond that is created between people and robots. The Roomba is more than a household appliance, it’s an expression of the owner’s personality, a member of the… Read More
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Pinterest: Don’t be a predator. Be a victim.

There’s been so much talk lately about Pinterest and the potential risks individuals and brands take when they start using the platform. If you believe the hype, when you use Pinterest in the way it was intended to be used, you’re doomed to face legal action for copyright infringement.  Time will tell if that actually… Read More