Royal Caribbean Now Sets Your Vacation Photos to Music Using AI

Everyone loves posting a good vacation photo to Instagram—but what if each one could have its own unique soundtrack, too? Royal Caribbean is experimenting with that possibility, on Tuesday launching an online tool that turns user images into kaleidoscopic mini-videos, complete with original music inspired by the visuals — and assembled by artificial intelligence (AI).… Read More
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The One Two Punch with Elizabeth Paul

On Movidiam’s Creative Leaders podcast, the SVP, Chief Strategy Officer at MullenLowe joins us. Elizabeth Paul is an ambitious creative who has great insights on the industry which she shares with us, as well as discussing how her team works. We also discuss her strategic ideas, her interest in comedy and craft, and her thoughts on the… Read More
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Viewers Redefined: Meet ‘The Fragmented’

TV is changing even faster than you think. Disruptors like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon have fundamentally changed the way we watch. To get a sense of just how much viewers have changed, Mediahub embarked on an in-depth research study. What did we find? We found a new kind of audience; or, really, multiple types of… Read More
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Breaking Up is (Not So) Hard to Do

We as marketers have heard of—and feverishly studied—the “cord-cutting” phenomenon: a mostly rational consumer response to high TV provider costs amid a content-democratized environment. But what we’ve seemingly ignored is a similar behavior, provoked by an emotional response in a completely free and (mostly) unregulated space: social media. WHAT AND WHO In today’s tech-dominated world, where if… Read More
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Adweek’s Creative 100: Blake Winfree

29 Rising Agency Stars Who Are Keeping Advertising Relevant, Fresh and Fascinating Blake Winfree: VP and Creative Director, MullenLowe “Baby, sometimes it’s better to be misunderstood.” That was advice Blake Winfree’s grandmother gave him when he was a teenager, and it’s stuck with him as he’s risen through advertising’s ranks without surrendering his conscience or his… Read More

Creatives Do Their Best Thinking Above the Clouds, Says EVA Air

MullenLowe sent three artists on a trip in the carrier’s first North American campaign. Airline amenities have been on the decline across the board, so these days carriers tend to tout tangible benefits like low prices or seats you can sleep in. The notion of “togetherness” gets a lot of play with travel brands, too.… Read More

John Moore is Adweek’s Media Agency Exec of the Year

When Mullen and Lowe merged in 2015, Alex Leikikh—who had been named global CEO of the combined creative entities—had to think strategically about what to do with the new network’s media assets, Mullen’s Mediahub and Lowe’s Profero. Leikikh wanted the two shops to integrate and expand globally, and he appointed John Moore, then chief media… Read More