New work for FAGE is nothing short of “plain extraordinary”

Today, we break our inaugural work for FAGE Total Greek Yogurt on national television. The mouthwatering 45-second commercial titled “Plain,” takes us on a poetic journey from “plainly plain” to “plain extraordinary”— the latter of which will become the brand’s new positioning line to reflect the delicious properties of the product itself. Through a seamless… Read More
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Staying ahead

I thought I’d share a presentation I recently made at a management offsite. One of the characteristics we believe defines Mullen is a willingness to constantly embrace change. And despite some of our successes over the last year – making the AdAge A-list, being named among the most innovative marketing companies by Fast Company –… Read More
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Mullen makes Fast Company list of Most Innovative Companies

Cool news -  Mullen has been named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in Advertising & Marketing.The news broke in the March special issue on “The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies.” In addition to the Big 50 (which included Apple, Facebook, Twitter and Netflix) Fast Company published industry specific lists for the following sectors:… Read More
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Television 2.0: It’s Not Your Father’s CRT

We’ve all seen the latest work from Goodby Silverstein showcasing Logitech’s partnership with Google in “Kevin Bacon,” a commercial featuring the namesake actor and his greatest fan, Ivan Cobenk.  The spot positions Google TV as the preeminent way to indulge in everything Kevin Bacon and asks viewers to ponder an intriguing question: can watching too… Read More
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Chrysler wins BrandBowl2011- best advertiser on the Super Bowl telecast according to Twitter users

According to the 300,000+ tweets monitored by BrandBowl2011, Chrysler was the most effective brand to advertise on the Super Bowl telecast on the FOX Network this year. was the least effective Super Bowl advertiser, according to the results (which were compiled immediately upon the game’s conclusion).   Chrysler won with a powerful two-minute long… Read More

BrandBowl2011 is live – join the conversation

Get your adjectives ready: Brilliant, Genius, Hysterical. Or if you prefer:  Lame, Boring, Derivative, WTF. BrandBowl is back. Time to think about Super Bowl TV ads. For even in the age of social media, conversation, user participation and engagement, we still like a good TV commercial. And what better time and place to watch them… Read More