MITX awards and the “digital” agency

(first published on Creativity Unbound) Last night MITX put on its annual award show ceremony, celebrating the best digital and interactive work in New England. It’s always fun to be there as the show attracts everyone from ad agencies to digital shops, production companies, start-ups, VCs and social media agencies. Boston has a big, healthy… Read More
Hires & Promotions

New chiefs @Mullen

A changing of the guard at Mullen today. Mark Wenneker is moving from Executive Creative Director to Chief Creative Officer. Edward Boches, who had been CCO for the past 11 years, is moving into the new role of Chief Innovation Officer. Here’s a quote from the big chief, our president and CEO Joe Grimaldi, explaining… Read More
Mullen in the News

The future of advertising – Fast Co’s take

Good read posted on Fast Company today (it will be in print edition on 11/30) regarding The Future of Advertising – Mayhem on Madison Avenue. Writer Danielle Sacks, famous for her profiles of Crispin’s Alex Bogusky, interviewed nearly 100 “Mad People” for the story and offers a thorough and thought-provoking analysis of where the business… Read More
New Business

Mullen wins FAGE Yogurt

Mullen has added another passion brand to the roster. FAGE, the fast-growing Greek yogurt brand, has named Mullen as its new U.S. agency-of-record. Joe Grimaldi, Mullen’s president and CEO, had this to say about the win: FAGE is a fantastic global brand built on amazing products that people love once they try them; and the… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

Transforming a report into actionable intelligence

Your dashboard is beautiful! It has impressive charts and graphs. Your client loves it! Over time though, you find that it isn’t providing enough insight to improve marketing performance. How do you use your report to create a prescription for action? The following suggestions will help. Segment your data for deeper understanding. Site visitors come… Read More

R2: A space traveler and Twitter enthusiast

On July 20, 1969, the U.S. put the first humans on the moon, which happens to be exactly 15 years prior to my birthday. And, while I share my birthday with such a landmark day, I’ve never really cared too much about aeronautics, space travel or robotics. And, I don’t think I’m alone in this… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

QR codes, another take

I’m assuming part of the reason you even bothered to read this post is because the obscure, colorless 2D code to the left, also known as a QR Code, piqued your interest. Maybe you’ve seen them before but never activated one, maybe you’ve never seen one, or maybe you’re in advertising and you think they’re… Read More

Write a new Bruins Hockey Rule

Hey the Boston Bruins are off to a hot start: 4-2 in their first six games. And the Bear is out of hibernation hitting the sports bars around the TD Garden and enforcing the rules for the 2010-2011 season. In search of new material, the Bruins are inviting the fans to bring the funny. Write… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

Never confuse [ad geeks] with the consumer

“Never confuse yourself with the consumer.” It’s a simple enough statement for those submersed in the ad world. However, do marketing professionals abide by this six word commandment?  As the recent Gap logo hoopla has shown, retail industry professionals may be too easily swayed by the immediate criticism of ad critics, bloggers, and tweets. In… Read More

“Pow…Boom!..Bang, Bang, Bang…”

No, these are not the words from some action hero coming to save the day. These are the words of Jerome, who was recently featured in one of Mullen’s new Planet Fitness TV spots. If you’ve never heard of Planet Fitness, you will soon. As creative can truly be a business multiplier for brands, Mullen… Read More