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Never confuse [ad geeks] with the consumer

“Never confuse yourself with the consumer.” It’s a simple enough statement for those submersed in the ad world. However, do marketing professionals abide by this six word commandment?  As the recent Gap logo hoopla has shown, retail industry professionals may be too easily swayed by the immediate criticism of ad critics, bloggers, and tweets. In… Read More

“Pow…Boom!..Bang, Bang, Bang…”

No, these are not the words from some action hero coming to save the day. These are the words of Jerome, who was recently featured in one of Mullen’s new Planet Fitness TV spots. If you’ve never heard of Planet Fitness, you will soon. As creative can truly be a business multiplier for brands, Mullen… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

3 reasons why mobile doesn’t matter

Hyperbole is a useful tactic in this attention-starved miasma we call the Web. We face a world of fence-sitting readers who have no interest in moving unless yanked by a strong statement. You’re standing up now. You’re ready to toss horrid monikers in my general direction such that even a young child would grimace. Nincompoop?… Read More

Give the Suit Off Your Back!

Only in New York City would a group of shirtless, pantless men walking the streets be considered commonplace. Still, the street teams you see here garnered a great deal of attention in the Big Apple (including a spot on the CBS Early Show), and in the other four cities where Mullen coordinated a guerilla marketing… Read More

Mullen’s Media Mavens

The annual flurry of media related awards is starting to roll out. Next week, Ad Age announces its Media Mavens. Mediaweek just published its Media 50. Later this fall, the MediaPost Creative Media Awards will be handed out. Here in Mullen’s hometown of Boston, The AdClub just presented its second annual award winners as part of a day… Read More
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3D TV: Marketers, take note

CES ignited the 3D buzz back in February referencing the success of Avatar as the poster brand for assessing consumer demand for all things 3D.  Using 3D box office sales to gauge consumer interest, CES pointed to Hollywood which was churning out 3D flicks left and right. Rallying towards a potential revenue stream too big… Read More
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Is your media research keeping up with today’s galloping consumer?

In an era of constant change, understanding the consumer’s relationship with media is just as important as understanding their relationship with the category and understanding their relationship with the brand. As a result, we’ve created Nexus, a proprietary media insight tool that unlocks the answers to today’s  “burning” media behavioral questions to which traditional and… Read More