Analysis & Opinion

3D TV: Marketers, take note

CES ignited the 3D buzz back in February referencing the success of Avatar as the poster brand for assessing consumer demand for all things 3D.  Using 3D box office sales to gauge consumer interest, CES pointed to Hollywood which was churning out 3D flicks left and right. Rallying towards a potential revenue stream too big… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

Is your media research keeping up with today’s galloping consumer?

In an era of constant change, understanding the consumer’s relationship with media is just as important as understanding their relationship with the category and understanding their relationship with the brand. As a result, we’ve created Nexus, a proprietary media insight tool that unlocks the answers to today’s  “burning” media behavioral questions to which traditional and… Read More
Hires & Promotions

Bringing Superfine back – Mullen hires Kevin Grady to lead agency’s re-branded design group

Kevin Grady, whose creative credits include the Emmy-nominated “Singing Cowboy” from the anti-smoking Truth campaign, and the award-winning pop-culture publications Lemon and Gum, has joined Mullen to lead the agency’s newly branded Superfine design group. Grady comes to Mullen as senior vice president, director of design, from Crispin Porter + Bogusky, where he was head… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

The myth of viral hits

Have you ever heard the following statement? “We have no funds, I think we need to do something viral. Something that leverages our community and gets a whole bunch of new fans and sells a lot of stuff.” Or how about this? “I know it’s the end of the year, but we want to change… Read More
Culture at Mullen

Put the donut down – WLN’s Juggling without Jiggling

Agency life is tough. Long hours, frequent travel and an overabundance of food. We often wind up taking better care of our clients than we do of ourselves. To battle the bulge, Mullen and the Interpublic Group’s Women’s Leadership Network hosted “Juggling without Jiggling,” an event that attracted 45 powerful agency women, keen to learn… Read More