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Facebook changes the game

At the F8 Developer Conference this week, Facebook didn’t just announce a few updates, they shared how their forward-thinking vision has come to life and forever changed the way people will share and become aware of information on the web. In essence it’s all about connections. Facebook started this movement when they introduced the “like”… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

Twitter’s new ad model

When are they going to make money? How can their valuation be so high? Remember MySpace and Second Life? Or even AOL? Platforms that were flying high and then hit a virtual ceiling. Well it appears Twitter may finally have an answer. Or at least a first step. The fast growing micro-blogging service – from… Read More

I’m not emotionally ready

Here’s the latest TV spot from Zappos where real-life customer service team member Michael helps a distressed customer manage her emotions. They are so nice at Zappos. Ironically, Fast Company reports that Zappos’ best customers are the ones who return the most merchandise. Just goes to show the power of great customer service.   Read More
Analysis & Opinion

Foursquare breaking out of the “nerd ghetto.”

This post is pathetically late by social media standards, but wanted to give you our take on the foursquare presentation that the Ad Club put together this past Monday. Dennis Crowley, one of the co-founders of the geo-based social networking platform, spoke to a crowd of 160 people at Microsoft’s Nerd Center in Cambridge. Crowley… Read More

Zappos – Happy People Making People Happy

Challenge Zappos is an amazing success story, growing sales in the retail footwear category from $1M to $1B in 10 years. Simply put, Zappos is a customer service company that just happens to sell shoes. The entire company is built on a unique culture of delivering WOW through customer service. After 10 years of hockey-stick… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

Is vulnerability good for brands?

Vulnerability is typically not something a brand wants to admit or address, which is why the recent Domino’s ad campaign is not just surprising, but effective and refreshing. Domino’s business has been struggling in the past few years while brands like Papa John’s have emerged as category leaders. Historically, Domino’s relied on fast delivery as… Read More
New Business

Feeling lucky – Mullen wins Foxwoods

Happy to announce officially today that Mullen is the new agency-of-record for Foxwoods Resort Casino. The news was first reported this morning in the Boston Business Journal and on ADWEEK. Mullen originally got engaged with Foxwoods to create the world’s first branded resort casino iPhone app late last year. Simultaneously Foxwoods launched an agency review… Read More

That’s a nice deep fryer

Giovanna, a very real customer service representative from Zappos, stars in Mullen’s latest spot for the beloved online retailer. This is the second of three :30’s in the Zappos campaign. Another spot called Jesse broke last week. The reviews so far are good. Please let us know what you think. Read More