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Wild west video

The mind-numbing proliferation of digital video has marketers in a frenzy to recover lost TV eyeballs and keep track of digital consumption through advances in measurement. Let’s ponder the landscape; by 2013, 188 million people in the U.S. will view online video at least once a month with over 80% of all users engaging and… Read More
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How to win the BrandBowl

Doritos, Google and Focus on the Family. They were the three brands left standing on the podium at the conclusion of BrandBowl2010. Why you ask? Isn’t it obvious, I say? Simplicity. Buzz. And dialogue. Of course, we all know pulling off effective campaigns is a lot harder than it looks. It’s much easier to be… Read More
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Doritos wins the BrandBowl. Budweiser Select 55 is biggest loser.

According to the 63,000+ Twitter users whose comments were captured in BrandBowl2010, Doritos was the most effective brand to advertise on the Super Bowl telecast on CBS this year. Budweiser Select55 was the least effective brand.   Mullen, and Radian6, a leader in social media measurement, created BrandBowl2010, a Twitter/Super Bowl experience that combined tweeting,… Read More
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Convergence isn’t coming…it’s here

One API to rule them all. Consumers, especially PC–bred Gen Y-ers and younger, no longer draw a distinction between the real and virtual. The world is one big data stream and you are only as cool, as powerful, as smart as the gadgets you have that allow you to capture and use that data. The… Read More