Analysis & Opinion

Convergence isn’t coming…it’s here

One API to rule them all. Consumers, especially PC–bred Gen Y-ers and younger, no longer draw a distinction between the real and virtual. The world is one big data stream and you are only as cool, as powerful, as smart as the gadgets you have that allow you to capture and use that data. The… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

Headed for a breakup with your best customers?

They’re looking for someone who gets them. Think of it as a personal ad … from one of your best customers. For most service marketers, it’s a pretty chilling message, one that reflects an important truth that we uncovered in our recent study, Service Marketing in the Era of Brand Vulnerability. More than ever, the… Read More
Culture at Mullen

Detroit mullenteers play Santa

It’s been a very long and challenging year in the state of Michigan and in Motown in particular. But we’re a tough and resilient city and at this time of year it’s more evident than ever that we’re most definitely a city of people that looks out for our neighbors. Gleaners Community Food Bank receives… Read More

Save a life

Typically this time of year the airways become bombarded with scare tactic advertising designed to deter people from driving drunk. And while that is certainly one way to look at it, we thought we’d try something a bit more optimistic this year. Instead of shunning the people who drink and drive why not celebrate the… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

2010: A smarter, wiser and responsibly indulgent consumer

Based on our studies, we anticipate the consumer will transition into recovery mode in 2010 and start spending again, but with some degree of moderation. By contrast to the free-spending days of old, the post-apocalyptic consumer will be more savvy, responsible and prudent – although interestingly, as the year progresses, they’ll be increasingly more likely… Read More