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Meet the mullenoids

MITX asked all of the finalist agencies at their recent award show to do profile videos of themselves.  The theme this year was video games.  We call our video “The Mullenoids.” Comedian Jeff Caldwell, the emcee for the MITX Awards show, called it “the lighter side of workplace violence.”  Please have a look and judge… Read More

Blogging in the Alleghenies – a social media adventure

Navigating the ever-changing waters of social media marketing is becoming more challenging by the day. Apple recently announced the 100,000th app for the iPhone. A study from the Association of National Advertisers revealed that two thirds of marketers have now used social media in some capacity. Some brands have even chosen to market exclusively through… Read More
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Pearls gathered at MITX and on the Edge

In a stroke of scheduling genius, Boston’s Ad Club and the Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange (MITX) held two of their signature events on the same day and several fortunate people got the privilege to attend both. Following is one guy’s take on highlights from the day. In reverse chronological order, the 14th Annual MITX… Read More
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Surprise visit from the Violent Femmes

Well part of the Violent Femmes anyway. Gordon Gano, the front man for the band that created Blister in the Sun, stopped by Mullen’s Boston shop on Thursday for an unbound set with the Ryan Brothers. This was a warm-up for their gig at the Middle East in Cambridge last night. Thanks to Mullen creative… Read More
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Mullen Bloggers Recap: week of November 9

Mullen bloggers pumped out more than a few good pieces this week. In case you missed them over at Creativity_Unbound, Edward Boches offered a slightly revised version of his column published in this month’s Communication Arts Design Annual titled “Social media changes everything except the need for creativity.” He also introduced us to Martin Wattenberg’s… Read More
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The rise of the millennials: a recalibration of success

As Millennials migrate into adulthood, they’re embarking on a quest that’s defined by their financial, progressive and socially-conscious ideals. Today, these early Millennial careerists are anxious about the state of the economy – and feeling more pressure to succeed. However, what we’ve found is that despite the potential for economic disillusionment, Millennials are optimistic about… Read More
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Mullen Bloggers Recap: week of November 2

This is our first weekly update recapping what Mullen’s bloggers have been talking about in case you missed them, or didn’t realize we had so many bloggers. We’ll try to make this a regular addition to our Mullen blog. At Creativity_Unbound, CCO Edward Boches wrote a piece inspired by R/GA’s Bob Greenberg titled “Everything starts… Read More

Starting the movement to stop diabetes

Today, as the nation kicks off another American Diabetes Month, Mullen and the American Diabetes Association open a new front on the war against diabetes. For nearly 70 years, the Association has been the stalwart of diabetes education, advocacy and research, helping countless adults and children manage this insidious and often deadly disease, while supporting… Read More