General Motors Environmental and Energy Strategy Board

General Motors Environmental and Energy Strategy Board In 2004, Mullen was hired by General Motors’ Energy and Environment Strategy Board (EESB), which is responsible for developing GM’s global energy and environmental strategy. EESB members include senior leaders from Communications, Engineering, Powertrain, Worldwide Facilities/Manufacturing, Public Policy and Legal, and the Research and Development and Planning area. We… Read More

Wachovia PR

Background Wachovia Securities Corporate and Investment Banking business was born of the merger of First Union and Wachovia. As part of an overall financial institution including a retail bank, wealth management, and a national brokerage, the corporate and investment banking group has become an emerging leader in the integration of the two sides of corporate… Read More

Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism

In 2004 Mullen was awarded the MOTT business and tasked with the following objectives: Make Massachusetts a year-round, leisure travel destination in the minds of travel press and consumers; Position the Commonwealth as a community of open-minded individuals ready to welcome diverse visitors; and help MOTT respond to industry needs and heighten the agency’s profile… Read More

Batman, Mayor West and LendingTree

If you watched the morning news shows today you may have heard a familiar voice speaking about “men of ill repute,” “corporate mischief makers,” “a wave of financial tomfoolery” and a “downturn of diabolical proportions.” The voice you heard is Adam West who some of you know as Mayor West on Family Guy and others… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

5 Steps to Social Measurement Success

There’s a lot of excitement and optimism around social media’s potential for marketers – it’s where some attractive audience segments are starting to amass after all – but, just like any marketing medium, measurement is a critical component to success. Social media measurement is quite immature – just as Web analytics was back in the… Read More
Culture at Mullen

Playing hardball

Baseball and new business are hot topics in Boston right now. The Red Sox have the best record in the American League and six players on the All Star team.  Meanwhile here at Mullen there’s been a substantial increase in RFP activity recently, which may signal a possible turnaround in the ad business. Our IPG… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

The best way to find a woman: The Frank map.

We know men (and some women) don’t like to ask for directions, so we created this map. Seriously, it won’t show you the fastest way from your brand to her hand, but it IS a great thought-starter, conversation-catalyst, office-art and all around reminder of the incredible complexity of women. It captures the worries, the joys,… Read More