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The interns are coming. The interns are coming.

It’s somewhere between Parris Island and Harvard.  You have to work your butt off and it’s hard as hell to get in.  We had nearly 600 applicants for 24 slots in our Boston office summer internship program.  But in some ways, it’s no surprise.  You create something great and it pays you back. Suzanne Daley,… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

How do you make Facebook work for your brand?

Every marketer has this nagging feeling that they need to have a presence on Facebook as the social juggernaut has now passed the 200mm mark. And although it’s not rocket science, so many brands continue to fall short in this space. They either fail to build a large enough fan base, or neglect to actively… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

Q: How many ways are there to connect with a consumer? A: Seven

Following months of proprietary research, we just this month announced the discovery of Modes of the Mind™, seven distinct behavioral characteristics of the human mind that can enable communicators to precisely engage with an audience at times of maximum receptivity.  Through a strategic collaboration between our brand planning, media innovations and performance analytics teams, we’re… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

Consumer Pulse: Smartphones. So Smart, It’s A No-Brainer.

Smartphones are increasingly becoming the “third screen” in consumers’ lives. Driven by the benefits of enhanced utility and versatility, smartphone penetration will increase to about 20% of the mobile phone market within the next few years. Apple’s iPhone has initially driven smartphone growth – other brands will continue to accelerate the adoption of smartphones, including… Read More

CSX: Transporting a Brand Forward

[/caption] Challenge: Increase awareness and improve opinions of transportation giant CSX. Solution: Show that CSX is a responsible way to ship the products we love and need. CSX is one of the biggest transportation companies in the U.S., but few people know exactly what they do or how important they are to our day-to-day lives.… Read More

So, you want to make a viral video?

Why not? It’s cheap. Easy. You can put it on YouTube and not have to pay for any media. Wishful thinking. The fact is, you don’t determine what becomes viral. The consumer does. Creators, marketers, even YouTube itself are often surprised at what goes viral and what doesn’t. There’s no real formula or blueprint, and… Read More

Information delivery is the new advertising

There are times in advertising when the hard sell just isn’t appropriate. And that’s the situation we found ourselves in with our work for Joint Advertising Market Research & Studies (JAMRS), a division of the Department of Defense. Our mission is simply to get parents talking about military service with their kids.  It’s an intensely… Read More