Will it blend? Part two

That nutty Blendtec guy is at it again stuffing expensive cameras into his blender to see what’ll happen. Confession:  Mullen made him do it. It’s the focal-point of an all-out social media launch for the Olympus E-P1, a snazzy new device that is the world’s smallest digital SLR and HD video camera all-in-one. Get the… Read More
Culture at Mullen

We have a new logo and tagline

We figured we’re moving to Boston after 23 years in the mansion, we’re creating a new more open environment to mirror the way we actually work, and we’re launching a new website.  Might as well have a new logo that looks forward rather than backwards and a tagline that defines what we believe.  So here… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

Is mobile right for your brand?

Determining whether mobile is right for your brand is a critical question, as many marketers have fallen into the trap of “get me one of these.” The answer to  is often poorly articulated and overly complicated. So here it is, a simple answer to a simple question. Three Key Steps: 1.     Determine how much… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

The concept of content

It’s what we sell.  (“We have three concepts to show you today.”) It’s what we defend.  (“I hear what you’re saying, but that really changes the concept.”) And it’s how we hire.  (“Nice book, but I didn’t see any breakthrough concepts.”) We’ve even made it both a noun (“I really like that concept”) and a… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

After only one week on the agency side

As a social media consultant for the last two years, I’ve had the chance to take a top down look at the way in which a lot of agencies and companies approach social media. Often, it’s been seen as a secret sauce or magic bullet for a lagging product/campaign. It’s not that at all. Social… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

How do you make Facebook work for your brand?

Every marketer has this nagging feeling that they need to have a presence on Facebook as the social juggernaut has now passed the 200mm mark. And although it’s not rocket science, so many brands continue to fall short in this space. They either fail to build a large enough fan base, or neglect to actively… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

Q: How many ways are there to connect with a consumer? A: Seven

Following months of proprietary research, we just this month announced the discovery of Modes of the Mind™, seven distinct behavioral characteristics of the human mind that can enable communicators to precisely engage with an audience at times of maximum receptivity.  Through a strategic collaboration between our brand planning, media innovations and performance analytics teams, we’re… Read More