Culture at Mullen

The Truths We Live By

The world in which we operate changes every day. As a group, we understand and embrace the convergence of new technologies with traditional influence. Our approach and our programs are guided by a set of undeniable insights into consumer behavior. Consumers want more participation and even control. It is no longer good enough to think… Read More
Culture at Mullen, Work

Our Guiding Principles

At a time of economic upheaval and social change, there are many reasons to choose an agency. Experience. Skills. Reputation. Size. Chemistry.  When we ask our clients why they chose us or what makes our longest-lasting, most productive relationships tick, we inevitably hear some combination of the following reasons. We start in a different place… Read More

Tommee Tippee: the latest British Invasion

Tommee Tippee, the number one baby feeding brand in the UK, has been delivering innovative, high quality products to help moms and babies for more than 50 years.  In the U.K., a new Tommee Tippee product is sold every three seconds.  In the U.S., the brand is just being discovered. Tommee Tippee asked Mullen to… Read More

Panera: breaking bread with an entire community

Panera is a brand about warmth and sharing. It’s a brand around which people gather.  It’s a place where people come together.  It only makes sense that its marketing would work the same way. Mullen was tasked by our clients to conceive an ad that captured the essence of Panera. They also wanted an idea… Read More

Olympus: Creating the Ultimate Multimedia Blend

In April, 2009, Mullen launched the Olympus E-P1, the world’s smallest interchangeable lens camera that shoots brilliant stills and HD video. In the competitive consumer electronics market where behemoths like Nikon can afford buying Ashton Kutcher on network TV, Olympus needed a marketing campaign that would be as innovative, nimble and as smart as the… Read More

GM Advanced Technologies – From fuel economy to fuel cells

For the past 10 years, Mullen has been working with General Motors to help broaden the public dialogue beyond hybrids and promote GM’s wide range of propulsion technologies, including not just hybrids, but also advanced gasoline engines, alternative fuels like ethanol,  and the holy grail of automotive reinvention – hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that emit… Read More

Grain Foods Foundation: making bread into art

How do you get moms to engage with a message about the nutritional value of sliced bread? The fact is, we all love to eat it, but we may not necessarily want to read about folic acid or carbohydrates and why they’re so good for us. At the same time, in this day and age,… Read More

American Diabetes Association: building a movement to stop diabetes

Diabetes is a complex disease striking more often than cases of AIDS, cancer and heart disease combined, yet research reveals the vast majority of Americans don’t understand its seriousness, its complications or its potential to affect the lives of 1 in 3 children born today. Faced with these mass misconceptions, the American Diabetes Association asked… Read More

Ad Council: Cracking down on buzzed driving

Challenge: Communicate the dangers of buzzed driving to young people Solution: Use comedy and the element of surprise in an unexpected way In the latest installment of Mullen’s Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving campaign, we show what happens when the party’s over. These ads are for anyone who’s ever said “I’m not drunk…just a little… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

7 Modes of the Mind: A better way to connect with consumers

It’s a new age in marketing communications and the digital revolution is fundamentally changing the way consumers interact with and consume content, information, and technology. New connection opportunities – e.g., social media, are emerging and quickly gaining critical mass. And many clients and agencies are asking “How can a brand win in the changing marketing… Read More