Hires & Promotions

Mullen’s new director of strategic analytics builds technology for personalized communication

Mullen announced today that Dinesh Gopinath, Ph.D., has joined the agency as executive vice president, director of strategic analytics. Gopinath, who was selected after a review of 35 candidates, will lead the agency’s analytics practice, which plays a key role in modeling, predicting and optimizing communications strategies across a wide range of client businesses. Gopinath… Read More

Black and gold strike gold at Hatch Awards

Big night for Mullen and the Boston Bruins at the 49th Annual Hatch Awards for Creative Excellence. The Bruins Hockey Rules campaign won gold for national television. The individual spot called Date also won gold in the category. Congratulations to the team of Greg Almeida, Jesse Blatz, Jamie Ferreira, Matt Fischvogt, Zeke Bowman, Stephen Larkin… Read More
Culture at Mullen

Thriving in a band of brothers

As the only girl in a large extended family, most weekends of my childhood were spent trying to keep up with the boys and defending myself. I took my fair share of teasing and got more scrapes and bruises than I care to remember. And though I occasionally shed some tears, I always brushed myself off and came back swinging. Little did I know that my boys”as relentless as they were”were actually doing a damn fine job of preparing me for a career as a copywriter, where being one of the guys is as big an asset as being capable of clear, thoughtful communication, or being able to present in front of a roomful of clients. Read More
Analysis & Opinion

What does it mean to be green?

Being green is not a fad – it’s now officially a trend. In the past two years the number of green-minded consumers has increased from 12% to 38% – and the overall desire to be “greener” has become a universal need with over 90% of consumers believing that “environmental responsibility” is important. By 2010 the green market… Read More
New Business

Mullen wins Zappos

It’s true. Mullen won Zappos. We found out late Thursday afternoon and word traveled fast. Adweek and Ad Age were all over it. Ad Age published a follow-up story on Monday noting that culture was key in this review. This was a long time coming. Stephen Larkin, our new business guy, has been reaching out… Read More

The G-20 summit in real-time: G20Buzz.com

When the White House announced earlier this year that Pittsburgh was to be the host of the next G-20 summit, Pittsburghers everywhere initially reacted with shock, which turned into excitement, which turned into a feeling of ‘it’s about time.’ Pittsburgh has made a smooth transition to a new economy, and we’re proud to play host… Read More
Culture at Mullen

Mullen launches Pittsburgh Day of Service during G20 Summit

Over the past few months, Mullen Pittsburgh has coordinated with local nonprofit/corporate/government agencies in creating the Pittsburgh Day of Service on Sept 25th.  As downtown Pittsburgh will be flooded with political figures and international media, many downtown businesses have closed their doors to employees during the days of the G20 Summit. The Day of Service… Read More

Cam vs. the Bear

When the NHL announced that this year’s Winter Classic would be played at historic Fenway Park, the city of Boston roared with excitement. Pitting two heated NHL rivals – the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers – outdoors in a beloved baseball park on New Year’s Day -  this has become the “must see” event in… Read More