If an app launches in the forest will anyone use it?

Mullen’s mediahub has just added to the seemingly insane number of mobile apps with the launch of “Expedition Timberland,” a branded app for the iPhone/iTouch (went live on 9/10) and for the Blackberry Curve, Storm, Bold and Pearl  (goes live on 9/21). We got into the branded mobile app game with eyes wide open. We… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

Performance accountability for upper-funnel campaigns

Great attributes of digital marketing campaigns are the inherent track-ability of the Web and the performance transparency possible by tying explicit business measures such as leads or transactions resulting from a digital media investment. But, sometimes campaigns are not focused on direct response, but rather influencing upper-funnel stages such as awareness and consideration.  When this… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

Mad women: which service brands have women seeing red?

To fuel the female-centric creative that we’re developing for our clients, Mullen’s Frank About Women took a current pulse on how women are feeling about customer service and service brands. We fielded a national consumer study covering a wide spectrum of service-based categories, and our findings reinforce just how tenuous the relationship is between women… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

The thousand days of pain

Last week I had the honor of participating in a panel at the New York Times building and the opportunity to talk about “Marketing in a Recession.” The event was sponsored by, moderated by Stuart Elliott of the New York Times, and featured panelists Rachel Sklar (photo: right), editor-in-large at Mediaite, and Stephanie Blackwood… Read More
New Business

The Bear is back

While most sports fans are thinking pennant races and fantasy football rosters, Mullen is thinking Stanley Cup. We’re happy to announce an expanded relationship with the Boston Bruins.  Mullen is the new agency-of-record for the hometown hockey team and will be a key partner in building and energizing the fan base in what promises to… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

Taking time to smell (and harvest) the roses

As technology and globalization continue to expand, our appetite for instant gratification grows with them. Given the fast paced, multitasking, 24/7 society we live in, it’s surprising that one of the biggest growing trends right now is about slowing down. Starting as one man’s protest of a McDonald’s opening in Rome, and fueled by books… Read More
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Swimming with Twitter Sharks

As I wrote before on my blog, I was very saddened by the news that, my favorite URL shortener for Twitter, was cut down in its prime. Based on the company’s blog post, the blame (although they are loath to call it blame), was laid on Twitter’s decision to use as its primary… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

Social is everywhere and nowhere

I was asked to sit on a social media panel last week and each of the three panelists had to provide a five to eight minute opening before the moderator and audience started to ask questions. As I began to ponder my discourse, I thought about the daunting task of how to say something original… Read More
Culture at Mullen

Remembering Paul

“He’s a real writer, he just happens to do his writing in the advertising business.” That quote from one of my old colleagues, Steve Bautista, describes Paul perfectly.  He was a real writer. I recall fondly my many years working with him.  He was slightly disheveled.  His pant cuffs were often a little too long… Read More