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Boozy Reading — Week 3

Our analytics team says there’s a 97% chance you’re reading this because you either work at MullenLowe Mediahub or would like to in the near future. If you’re in the other 3%, don’t worry. This isn’t the end of your internet multiverse clickventure. Find something that piques your interest below and happy travels!  Tired of… Read More
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CES 2018: A New Reality Sets In

This year’s CES has been panned by many as one of the worst in memory. It’s true that not one big thing blew anyone away. Artificial Intelligence, especially from leaders like Amazon and Google, certainly had a heavy presence this year. Yet, according to experts and pundits, no one particular thing really “won” CES. The… Read More
Analysis & Opinion, Random acts of Mediahub

Boozy Reading – Week 2

Did you know the top of the original Apple emoji ice cream cone started as “happy poop”? Well now you do. Here’s more on the original emoji designs. [article] Love using data to inform your creative decisions but losing sleep over potential flaws? This retraction from 538 won’t help you sleep better at all. [article]… Read More
Analysis & Opinion, Random acts of Mediahub

Boozy Reading – Week 1

It’s 2018 and time to bring Simeon Edmund’s boozy reading off the email dirt road and speed up to the on ramp of the information superhighway.  Assuming we can operate better than the MBTA, count on a new installment each week. So bookmark this page and tell Siri/Google/Alexa to set an alarm for every Monday to check… Read More

MullenLowe PR Wins Global Creative PR Agency of the Year

The 2017 Global PR Agencies of the Year are the result of an exhaustive research process involving more than 400 submissions and face-to-face meetings with the best PR firms across North America, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. Winner — MullenLowe, Global Creative PR Agency of the Year Since 2015, MullenLowe has consistently delivered Best in Show caliber… Read More

Adweek’s Best Media Plans of 2017

MullenLowe Mediahub partnered with Netflix on two incredible campaigns, ‘Earn Your Power’ and ‘Unblockable ads,’ both of which have been recognized as two of Adweek’s Best Media Plans for 2017. ‘Earn Your Power’ launched with the new Netflix series, Iron Fist. Mediahub successfully reached its hard-to-engage target through exclusive video from the show and a livestream event with two… Read More