Virgin Money

Challenge: Surrounded by a sea of personal financial tools and major brands and against the backdrop of Virgin’s acquisition of Circle Lending, a peer-to-peer lending organization, introduce Virgin Money in the United States with a distinct Virgin feel. Solution: Armed with the idea that Virgin Money is a financial revolution that is Changing the Face… Read More


Challenge: Upromise launched to a big splash in 2001, but as the company grew and leadership changed, resources eroded and the company lost touch with its core moms audience. Many reporters who covered the company in its early years were left wondering if it still existed or provided any benefit to families looking to save… Read More

Timberland PR

Challenge: Create a corporate social presence for Timberland that supports multiple product lines, initiatives, partnerships and various social properties , while inspiring passion for the outdoors and fostering personal connections with the Timberland brand. Solution: Maximizing a pre-established fan group, Mullen launched a robust Timberland Facebook experience for thousands of passionate fans providing the community… Read More

Saucony PR

Challenge: Create growth potential in a highly competitive retail landscape when runners are extremely brand loyal. Solution: Engage youth and scholastic runners with events and Web 2.0 tactics to secure their brand loyalty before they establish an affinity for a brand. Maximizing the success of the existing Spike Night platform, an exclusive retailer program designed… Read More

Stanley Black & Decker

Challenge: For many years, Stanley focused on the Do-It-Yourself marketplace, which served the company well until it faced a slowdown in the mid-90s. In reality, its product line was far broader than just the consumer market, including divisions that serviced a wide range of commercial applications. By that time, the brand had fallen out of… Read More

Stanley iPhone App

Challenge: The launch of the Stanley iPhone application provided an opportunity to illustrate The Stanley Work’s commitment to business diversification and modern technology and to strengthen Stanley’s position as a progressive leader beyond its 166-year old hand tool heritage. Solution: By combining social media channels and traditional press outreach, we raised awareness for the new… Read More
Culture at Mullen, Work

What We Do

We create content of all types and in all forms, and then produce that content on any digital or mobile, traditional or nontraditional platform. We distribute content through both unpaid and paid media, including social networks and communities that we tap and build ourselves. We provide executive visibility and strategic counsel and create leadership platforms… Read More
Culture at Mullen

The Truths We Live By

The world in which we operate changes every day. As a group, we understand and embrace the convergence of new technologies with traditional influence. Our approach and our programs are guided by a set of undeniable insights into consumer behavior. Consumers want more participation and even control. It is no longer good enough to think… Read More
Culture at Mullen, Work

Our Guiding Principles

At a time of economic upheaval and social change, there are many reasons to choose an agency. Experience. Skills. Reputation. Size. Chemistry.  When we ask our clients why they chose us or what makes our longest-lasting, most productive relationships tick, we inevitably hear some combination of the following reasons. We start in a different place… Read More

Tommee Tippee: the latest British Invasion

Tommee Tippee, the number one baby feeding brand in the UK, has been delivering innovative, high quality products to help moms and babies for more than 50 years.  In the U.K., a new Tommee Tippee product is sold every three seconds.  In the U.S., the brand is just being discovered. Tommee Tippee asked Mullen to… Read More